Buchan Caves

  • Duration

    1 Hour

  • Location

    Buchan Caves Reserve

  • Distance

    3 km – 4 km

  • Grade

    Level 1

This destination is ideal for all those hankering after a truly magical experience outdoors. There is nothing like caves, and walking deep under the moist earth, to attain the sense that you are escaping from civilisation and entering an unknown and mystical world.

Distance from Paynesville

1 Hour

How to get there

Buchan Caves Reserve Visitor Centre and Ticket Office, 98 Caves Rd, Buchan VIC 3885


Access to the Buchan Caves is a leisurely 20-minute drive from Bairnsdale via Bruthen.

There is a picnic ground, well appointed with picnic tables and some sheltered-gas barbeques, fire places, and amenities.


“Buchan Caves Reserve is famous for its cave system, full of spectacular limestone formations. The caves were formed over many thousands of years by underground rivers cutting through limestone rock.

As each droplet comes through the roof it deposits calcite which crystallises in a small ring. In time, stalactites are formed on the roof of the cave, and stalagmites build up from droplets which fall to the floor.”

For more information on tours and access to the caves and surrounding activities, make sure to visit www.parks.vic.gov.au/stay or in person on the day at the Visitor Centre within the Reserve.