Ocean Grange

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    Ocean Grange, Victoria

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Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park is located in East Gippsland. Access to Bunga Arm is only by boat. The nearest boat launching facilities are at Paynesville. Boats can be landed on the beach at designated campgrounds or day visitor areas along the length of the arm. Jetties are located at the day visitor areas Ocean Grange and Steamer Landing. Boats can be landed on the beach along the length of the arm.

Distance from Paynesville

5 Kms – By Boat

2 Hours – By Car

How to get there

Ocean Grange, Victoria


Access to the Den of Nargun is easy enough by conventional cars, but take it slow as the road is a little washed out in places.

There is a picnic ground at the beginning of the loop walk, well appointed with picnic tables and some sheltered-gas barbeques, fire places, and amenities.


A Nargun, according to Gunai/Kurnai tribal legends, a fierce half-human half-stone creature that lived in the Den of Nargun, a cave under a rock overhang behind the small waterfall.

Aboriginal legend describes the Nargun as a beast entirely made of stone except for its hands, arms, and breast. The fierce creature would drag unwary travellers into its den. Any weapon directed against it would be turned back on its owner.