The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Holiday Home

Ever wondered why more and more people around the world are choosing to stay in other people’s homes for their holidays – instead of a traditional hotel, resort or caravan park? Well – these top 5 reasons may just be the answer!

1. Complete Privacy

On a holiday, the last thing most people want is to be surrounded by a hundred other noisy tourists, families and children sharing the same facilities, pools, BBQ areas and outdoor spaces. Booking your own holiday home gives you all those same amenities – with the luxury of having them all to yourself. No more being kept awake by thumping music from the guests above you or early rising children from the apartment next to yours – you can enjoy the peace and quiet from your own personal space.

2. Affordability

Wanting to enjoy your summer holidays with your extended family or friends? In a normal hotel situation, this is either a very expensive option – or an impossible one. With room for more people to all stay under one roof in a holiday house, you can bring along all your loved ones and spread out the cost between them – leaving you with the extra savings to spend on experiences, activities and trying some of the beautiful local food and wine culture

3. Pets

Holiday home

Let’s face it – there’s very few places you can bring your furry friend along with you on a traditional holiday. With most hotels/motels and resorts strictly enforcing ‘no pets’ rules, it can make travelling stressful and enjoying your getaway well, less enjoyable.

4. Security

Booking a holiday home for your vacation has the added benefit of being able to safely leave your personal belongings behind while you spend the day exploring the beautiful region with your loved ones. You can lock the door behind you and know that only you will have access to your holiday property – no more daily ‘visits’ from hotel staff to check the mini bar!

5. Comfort

More and more people all over the world are choosing to stay in holiday houses for comfort, spaciousness, convenience and a truly special experience. With fully equipped kitchens for cooking delicious home cooked meals, a laundry (no need to queue up to wash your wet beach towels – pop them in your own personal washing machine as soon as you get home!), multiple bathrooms and beautifully designed, comfortable living areas, our properties have everything you need to help you relax and enjoy your holiday. From wifi, DVDS, board games, books, pool tables, wii games, pools, private jetties and endless opportunities to explore the water by kayak, canoes, jet skies or boats – you’ll never hear the kids complain about being bored again!